Instructor Spotlight: Cecilia Malaccorto

I was born in Argentina. I began practicing yoga 16 years ago because I was suffering from panic attacks and an anxiety disorder. This paved a new path in my life and helped me so much that I made the decision to leave my career and embark on this new journey. I have a PhD in Children’s Behavior and Learning Disabilities and was convinced that yoga would be a way to merge my career with what was now my new passion. I became certified as a Hatha yoga teacher 10 years ago, and opened my own studio in Argentina.

My life as well as my career took me in a different direction when I decided to move to a new country. I arrived in the United States in January of 2015. Within two months of arriving, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My mom had it so I knew what I would face. I was free of the major symptoms but the diagnosis sent me into an emotional tailspin. I began questioning how I could continue¬†to teach and practice yoga with a chronic illness? And I started to say to myself that I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Obviously, my body listened to my mind and the pain began. I was unable to walk correctly. Even lifting a cup of coffee was difficult. A month later my husband of 17 years asked me for a divorce. I was completely devastated! What should I do? Go back to Argentina? Stay here? Then I had a realization that I had already found the answer to what I could use to heal myself both mentally and physically. And that was YOGA. So I looked for a Studio and there met Hayley. I did my American certification and began teaching in her studio. A few months later I was feeling better, finding peace and happiness again. That happiness that comes from inside of us.

Today we are co-owners of Four Feathers Yoga Studio. I am so blessed. My classes vary from restorative yoga to power yoga, using Iyengar methods and Anusara Alignment. Everybody is welcome, and I continue to provide modifications and variations for all asanas.

I also am a Reiki Master and a healer using Crystals. Those of you who feel you have a desire to go deeper into your practice, or simply wish to begin one, you are welcome. Together, we can evolve and begin to heal from the inside.
Hope to see you soon!


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