I am from Argentina. I began my yoga practice 16 years ago after suffering from panic attacks and anxiety disorder. This helped pave a new path in my life and helped me so much that I made the decision to leave my career and embark on this new journey. I hold a PhD in Children’s Behavior and Learning Disabilities and was convinced that yoga would be a way to merge my career with what was now my new passion. I became certified as a Hatha yoga teacher 10 years ago, and opened my own studio in Argentina. As life takes you in different directions, I moved to different countries. In the States, I met Hayley to do my American certification and began teaching in her studio. Today we are co-owners of Four Feathers Yoga Studio. I am so blessed.

My classes vary from restorative yoga to power yoga, using Iyengar methods and Anusara Aligment. Everybody is welcome, and I continue to provide modifications and variations for all asanas.

I also am a Reiki Master and am a healer using Crystals. Those of you who feel you have a desire to go deeper into your practice, or simply wish to begin one, you are welcome. Together, we can evolve and begin to heal from the inside.