Class Descriptions 


Mindful Movement

Focuses on linking movement with breath while concentrating on holding the postures for an extended period of time.

Power Flow

A fusion of Power Yoga and Pilates that focuses on traditional and current Pilates core work and a faster paced yoga flow.

Morning Flow

A great way to refresh and feel renewed to begin your day. These classes are offered throughout the week and are taught in Spanish and English.

Pilates Core Fusion

Maintains a Pilates feel in that its focus is on the core and lengthening the body. The combination of leg postures from yoga and ballet postures for the upper body make this class a complete workout for anyone looking to lose weight or tone the body.

Breathe and Restore

Keeping your breathing in tune with your movements is integral to this class and is tailored to those who are looking to wind down from the week or need a quick break from the stress of everyday life.

All level flow

This class caters to all levels of skill. The poses are explained so that a novice student can understand how to better move through the class, while a seasoned student can focus on becoming better at postures with which their bodies are already familiar.